His Bride to Be [BoyxBoy]

His Bride to Be [BoyxBoy]

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"Run, and don't look back!"
The last words my father spoke to me before he pushed me out the village gate with nothing but his dagger. The last words he spoke before the gate closed keeping all who were brave enough to stay, trapped inside to distract the swarm of demons. The last words I heard before turning my back on the place I once called home to run to new security. The last words I thought before hearing the blood curdling screams of agony from the villagers as the demons finally caught up to them. The last words I acted on while running far away from my childhood home.  I ran, hoping He would never reach me. 

After witnessing his friends and family slaughtered and his village burned to the  ground, Ame along with Tarrah and Rion run in hopes to find new safeties beyond the gates of their once childhood home. Never has Ame stepped outside the perimeters of his village, but now he and his friends are faced with new environments which comes new dangers, allies, and knowledge. Little does he know what he is truly capable of or how much his life is truly worth.
Little does he know what it means to be mated to a demon.

We follow Ame and his friends to the great beyond and on adventures he never dreamt possible. This is the story of how a demon and a human came to love. 
And not just any demon...
The King of all Demons.

I warn you this is a boyxboy, but not only that it is my first book. Yes, there will probably be many first -time-noob mistakes but, just kindly tell me with comments and I will ensure to fix them (I need all the grammar cops I can get). 
Furthermore, If you do not like boyxboy related content please stop reading this. 
Also, there may be sexual content but do not worry I will kindly highlight the start and ending of said content with bold. This will not change the reading in any way. Just a way for viewers who are sensitive to the nasty-nasty to avoid the down and dirty, understandable. Having said that I hope you enjoy.

The "village must have been substantially larger than average for him to not know someone from the same place. This would imply a large town or small city better than village, which is basically a small community.
When there's a 'my' in front of Father, Mother, etc. the first letter is not capitalized.
Wowowowow I read this and didn't even process what I was reading... Why do I do this?😂
You mentioned to point out mistakes... You need a period here and two sentences down.
Evil_Angel7 Evil_Angel7 Jan 26
"Ghost of a smile"
                              *remembers Fred's death in deathly hallows*
You also really don't need to say ---(Time Skip)--- When you've stated in the next sentence that an hour had passed. Just by saying an hour had passed, people already know you did a time skip. So, there really isn't any point to have ---(Time Skip)--- there. :)