The Queen Pin

The Queen Pin

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Isabella POV 

I sat in my office as I counted my money.  The only person that owes me money  is Red and he owes me over one thousand dollars.  I've  been very patient with him but now his time is up. 

Oh I'm  Isabella  Amino.  I'm  22 years old and yes I'm a drug lord.  I took over when my dad retired.  Red is one of my rivals and he's  like 50. And I know it's weird a woman is in the drug game but it's  apart of who I am. 

My best friendDanielle walked in. 

She showed me a picture of this guy

Danielle  - Izzy look 

Isabella  - who's  this

Danielle  - This is Red's son , Christian 

I pulled out my phone and went to his Instagram. 

Hello Christian Goldman 

Christian POV 

I walked in pop's office. 

He had his head on his desk. 

Tyler and Amir  walked in. 

They're  my best friends. 

Tyler - boss you paid back Izzy right. 

Red - nah 

Christian - Who's  Izzy

Amir - no seen what he looks like. 

Christian  - why

Tyler - nobody knows.  I know that he's  following  af...

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wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Dec 05, 2016
I'm liking this so far it's different from everybody else do I'm interested
Augie_is_bae Augie_is_bae Jul 28, 2016
Wah happen you supposed to fight against his good looks😩😩
wedderburn71 wedderburn71 Dec 05, 2016
Chris better be careful because Izzy already warned him...he don't want to come up stanking
quipooh_123 quipooh_123 Jul 27, 2016
Can You Make The Chapter Longer And Not Like Move So Fast In The Books
SajadaImaniGee SajadaImaniGee Sep 24, 2016
Oh My Fvck The Book Just Got 2 Times Better😍😍😍😩😩😩