BACK OFF she's mine || Hannily

BACK OFF she's mine || Hannily

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Lauren Tops By benzxregui Updated May 22

"Hanna, Wha-What happened?" I asked in a brittle voice as tears started streaming down my face, my own heart breaking due to her appearance. Because for crying out loud! I hate seeing her like this.

Still no answer.

Frustration took over me so I asked again but raising my voice "Hanna what the fucking hell happened!?" I didn't mean to curse, but fuck, I can't control myself.

Tears started forming in her eyes as she still continued to ignore me.I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair while looking around, tapping the floor with my right foot, impatiently waiting for a respond, but still nothing. I sighed. That's it...
"For fuck sake Hanna Marin, answer my fucking question!" I shouted, grabbing her shoulders roughly as more and more tears started falling down my eyes.

tangerinetzuyu tangerinetzuyu Jul 24, 2016
Em, you really need to save Ali's phone number so you don't get scared each time your phone goes off.