Never let me go(COMPLETED)

Never let me go(COMPLETED)

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I grab her hand pulling us chest to chest looking deeply into her eyes "You said we were over Hanna what did you expect me to do?!" I yell my grip on her wrist tightening she looks into my eyes all I see is pain and regret and I'd caused it I'd caused all of it 

"I didn't expect you to go and kiss the next girl who laid her eyes on you" Her voice breaking under the emotion she looks down at the wooden floor I lift her chin with my finger our  eyes locking "I love you" I realise this was the first time I'd ever said it she looked shocked her shoulders were shaking she grabs her bag  heavily sobbing and runs out the door leaving me...

Yes another Haleb book that I've been dying to write Xxx

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Haleb Love Them If I was Directing Pll Spoby Would Be Together Jason And Aria. Hanna And Caleb. Ali And Emily
NatasshaShievanie NatasshaShievanie Aug 11, 2016
I ship Haleb so bad I really need them to get back together! Not Spaleb, honestly Spoby is waaay better..
sholbee sholbee Oct 21, 2016
I absolutely love how you have Caleb going to Toby for advice. I've always shipped Spoby and Haleb. I absolutely hate Spaleb
halebfanfic halebfanfic Jun 27, 2016
They are meant for each other. Haleb forever and always ❤️
loveddan loveddan Jan 04, 2016
I really don't get how you don't have thousands of views this is amazing
pll_LittleLiars pll_LittleLiars Jan 03, 2016
I think Hanna is gonna realize sooner or later that she belongs with Caleb