The Jewel Doesn't Matter [ML Soulmate AU] {Adrinette} |✔|

The Jewel Doesn't Matter [ML Soulmate AU] {Adrinette} |✔|

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Whenever someone is born, a certain special piece of jewelry appears on a part of your body. A boy and a girl would be paired up, and have the same exact same piece, that changes its color depending on when they'll meet.

Red: 10-15 years left
Orange: 9-7 years left
Yellow:6-4 years left
Green: 3-1 years left
Blue: 1 month left
Purple: 1 week left 
Rainbow: Now

You can speak into said accessory, and your message would appear on your soulmate's arm or hand.

But there's a catch; you can't say your name.

As a result, Marinette waits agonizingly to meet her significant other, while everyone surrounding her, seems to be finding each other.

Meanwhile, Adrien knows that it's her, but doesn't have the fully packed confidence to write back often, or admit to it himself.


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•Started: 7•19•2016
•Finished: 2•7•2017

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XMiraculousTrash389X XMiraculousTrash389X May 04, 2017
*ten Michael Jordans appear* 
                              Micheal Jordans: *simultaneously* Stop it, get some help
Lily-and-James Lily-and-James Oct 14, 2017
You are the most beautiful purrinces in all the world and chloe is a bitch that needs to find herself ten feet under NOW!!!!
savage_ravenclaw savage_ravenclaw Aug 01, 2017
Sooo? I probably don't have a soulmate... if I'm totally honest I kinda don't care
JuliLovesYOI JuliLovesYOI Jul 26, 2017
Hun, dearest sweet lovely Marinette. I will say one thing and one thing only. NO.
fangirlfreak777 fangirlfreak777 Jun 13, 2017
Wow I didn't know someone wrote a biography about me impressive they summed up my life in 6 words
SimoneRyals SimoneRyals Mar 24, 2017
Oh and this one looked like it was going to be good I really wanted to read it