Gasoline [ben parish]

Gasoline [ben parish]

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I purse my lips. "Maybe I don't want you to look out for me. Like I said, I don't need anyone." 

	He lets out a laugh. It's a little jarring, how much Zombie resembles his namesake. Sunken eyes, rattling jaw, bared teeth. It's dark and twisted and genuine. Zombie, what happened to you? 

	"You can lie to everyone, Croak. You can pretend that you're some tough little soldier who doesn't hurt and doesn't need anyone, but I know. I just saw proof that it's all a lie, that you're just as human as the rest of us. Even if you won't admit it to yourself, I know." 

(a 5th wave fan fic)

So long... But I love it! Rip dog though xD Please update soon <3 By the way I would love if you checked out my Ben Parish fanfiction, I recently started and I am just looking for some fanfic partners that can give me some opinions and suggestions aha