His Angel

His Angel

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Krista By KristaButler Completed

Anna Foster is happy with her life. Being an Angel has it's perks and she's not about to give them up to babysit some half dog, half human freaks. Too bad she doesn't have a choice.  What Anna wasn't expecting was to meet the overprotective, soon to be Alpha wolf that claims she's his. Throw in a jealous angel, a missing friend and a whole hell of a lot of rebellion, Anna is getting a lot more than she bargained for with one trip to Aberdeen, Washington.


Unedited. Sorry for the mistakes. This is a rough draft and my first go at anything like this. Feel free to point out any mistakes that weren't already pointed out.

M_17aqua M_17aqua Jan 12
That's basically compulsion it's from T he Vampire Diaries as is Anna AKA Nina Dobrev
Cas?? What are you doing here?? Shouldn't you be pulling Sam and Dean out of hell right now?????
Lowkey kinda triggered 😂😂 I watch waaaayyy to much spn to be rereading this 😂😂😂
Am I the only one who thought of Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians?
I just want to let you know.. this book may have been written 3 years ago but I will never stop rereading it every once in awhile. It's seriously one of those books where you just have to come back to read again
I feel like this is what cas and the red head Ana did with their free time or like before they meet Sam and dean