Halcyon Persuasion (complete)

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EricaStanciu By EricaStanciu Completed
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    It's been seventeen years since Whitney and Kal had their first and only daughter. She's growing up to be exactly like her father the only problem is, she will soon become the first Alpha female. As if her life wasn't complicated enough with all the boys following her around, a strange group of people enter her town and ask for protection. Will Lilly find her mate but more importantly will the family find the protection their needing from the three packs? Or will the thing that's hunting them finally get what they want.
loved it! :) i wish there was a 3rd. im dieing to know what lilly and jon's baby shifts to!
Is this second or third? Just curious but I'll finish it now that I've started
I was wondering who Sarah was bwahaha I'm glad they're all doing well now, well for the time being anyway
Aww I wish you would make shift longer cuz it's the last book in the series or make the series longer!
Aww I'm glad Chris is in this one too...I am kind of partial to him : )
Engaged and ready to see how the story unfolds.   Love it so far