Dont touch me (A Princeton Love story)

Dont touch me (A Princeton Love story)

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I am PRODIGOUS By Ceioprsu Completed

Princeton stop." Y/N said as I continued to unbutton and unbuckle her clothing. "It isn't right." She breathed in my neck. She was in a relationship already, but who cares. I've loved her since kindergarten. I stole her crayons for a reason. I knew all her sweet spots. As I purposly hit every one with a soft kiss. 

"Prince.."She moaned still halfway resisting. I knew she wanted this. I knew I did.

"Just relax Y/N. Let Mr.fernando do what he was intended for." I whispered in her ear. She eventually gave up and let me. And once I started, I couldnt stop.

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I'm.........😭😂💀 I dont know why but I found it funny when he said an old woman burst out into tears infront of them
Sorry but uh....I like chocolate and cookie and cream so.......
dance_niyah dance_niyah Sep 27
No bitch he dont have mental problems his fav color is green
I  love cookies and cream and butter pecan... Don't know which one to pick
I am so confused. We're we 16 ten years ago or are we 16 today?
jrpixie12 jrpixie12 Jul 30, 2015
you forgot the creepy eyes..  here,  I'll do it for you... 
                              *backs away slowly*⊙_⊙