All Star High (Sonic in high school Fan fiction)

All Star High (Sonic in high school Fan fiction)

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This is All Star High. Like any other high school it's got it's reputation, it's star students and it's bullies. But it also has a new teacher, young Miss Rose. A pink hedgehog that starts teaching math, and wins the hearts of her students (the good and the bad ones)  in more ways than one. 

Welcome the cast of my story!

Sonic the Hedgehog as (Student) A star student that runs track for the school but has a hard time with the bullies but not afraid to stand up to them for his friends.

Silver the Hedgehog as (Student) Quite spoken and smart but scared to death to stand up to the bullies 

Jet the Hawk (Student)  A smart and good student he'll stand by Sonic's side to defend himself and silver against the bullies that push them around.

Amy Rose (Teacher) Miss Rose, the new young mathematics teacher in the school. Her looks instantly make the boys go gaga for her, her sweet and cheery attitude makes Sonic like her a little more than a student should, but the way she handles the big bad ass of the class (Shadow and Scourge) makes Shadow fall for her as well.

*Special guest* Scourge the Hedgehog (Student bully) Shadow's Right hand man and best friend in the gang of hoods. Scourge enjoys picking on Jet and Sonic, and even sometimes Espio (even though he's part of the gang)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Student bully) Leader of the pack, Shadow rarely comes to his classes and is found smoking or bulling others around the Campos. Until he meets Miss Rose, he starts to make it a habit of coming to his math class. The way she isn't afraid to talk back to someone like him, is a point of interest and though he tries to give her a hard time, if someone were to try and bring her harm, he'd take up for her.