Reining For My Horse's Life

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Wildclaw By Wildclaw6199 Updated 3 years ago
Cathy Armstrong has always loved horses, but her and her horse, Amberello,who both love reining. But when Amberello's life is tested will reining save his life or will he go to the slaughter house. 
    Reccommended if you ride western, know much about horses, understand horse language, or do reining. If you do not fill out this reccommendations then this story is hard to understand
Are they allowed to do that? Take you horse from you and then take it to slaughter? I know if it was me and someone tried to take my horse away from me to go put him in dog food Id take a shotgun to their face:) but then that would end me in jail so....
the horse on the cover reminds me of secretariat. :) do you know who it is?