OiKage HeadCanons and Alternate Universe

OiKage HeadCanons and Alternate Universe

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TrAshley is the name By oikage Updated Oct 15

For the OiKage shippers out there  (including me lol) here are some head canons and alternate universe that my crazy little mind have come up with.

Everything I create is mine, and if the ideas are similar to what others have made, it's completely coincidental.

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyuu!! nor the characters in it. I only own the ideas compiled in this book

Lmao that's adorable I can totally see oikawa teasing him and calling him a pervert or something XD
I can imagine oikawa sending the pictures he takes to Iwaizumi real late at night so they wake him up and Iwa-chan gets mad because oikawa is suck a dumbkawa