Let's Be Heroes || Boku No Hero Academia Fan Fiction

Let's Be Heroes || Boku No Hero Academia Fan Fiction

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Catetivewho By Catetivewho Updated Sep 04

Tsuyoi Yuuna, she has always dreamed of being a hero. Dreaming of being a protector of the weak and the beacon of hope for the people. Saving lives and stopping crime was something she would do on a daily basis. She idolized those heroes, not for their fame, but for their commitment in saving people's lives.

Though, she had terrible past, it has been traumatizing her. The day she caught her parents committed a crime and her parents was revealed as one of the villains. Unbeknownst to her, her parents had keep tons of secrets from her. They mercilessly murdered every people she befriended with and ending lives of every innocent civilians who stands in their line of sight.

Soon, her admiration for her parents who she thought were heroes, who saved people's lives and stopping crimes were soon crushed. Her parents were forced to be away from her and stayed with other villains in the judgement jail. From thus on, she had to live alone. She became independent and she did everything in her way on her own. She never once visited her parents, she despise them deeply for what they have done behind her back.

As she grew up, she trained hard along the way to be the hero that she had always dreamed of. A couple years passed by, she was personally invited to join the well known academy for heroics through an official recommendation letter from the academy's principal. She accept the invitation and she soon transferred to the academy, there she aims to become a hero and protect as many lives as she can.

As Yuuna befriends with the students in her class, the truth of her parents slowly starts emerging from the dark. Suddenly becoming a target of The League of Villains, Yuuna must defend herself and the people close to her if she doesn't want her past to be repeated.


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