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15 and rouge with two pups

15 and rouge with two pups

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Shelby Grant By Shelbbaby Updated Dec 20, 2015

~ 3 Years earlier~ "RUN!! ELIZA! ELIZA RUN!" My father screamed at me, I watched as the rouges attack are pack. The pack that one day I was supposed to lead. The pack I grew up in. My Beautiful pack. I shifted and ran threw the woods. Blocking the screams, they were all going to die and I know I should help, but I have other priorities.  After running for four hours I stop and lay beneath a tree panting, I look down at my stomach, my pups were in there. My baby's. My two little angels, because of them I ran. It's my job to protect them, that is what I did. They were coming soon I could feel it. I was due a week ago and they Haven't came yet, I guess I should go find somewhere to shelter. And steal some clothes.  I ran away from the town clothes hanging from my mouth, I stole them from a women's washing line. Sad I know. I quickly shifted and changed into the outfit, it was big on me but really I was glad for the warmth. I curl up under a tree and close my eyes, and then I feel it. The wetness between my legs, and the sudden cramp filling my body. My water just broke.   I Eliza wood, 13 years of age. Am about to give birth to two baby's, alone, in the woods. Oh how fun.

KEWwilson KEWwilson Jun 14
That's not that bad considering the youngest mother in the world was 5 when she had her son.
brezzzzzzzz brezzzzzzzz Jun 04
Never have I read about the age being 13 but it does happen but damn😁
StonyLynn StonyLynn Feb 01, 2016
AMAZING!!! Also can I make you a new book cover? I think it will give a boost for your book! ^_^
GilliganLu GilliganLu Apr 05, 2016
Question is it normal for 13 year olds to have babies in you book. Normally it isn't. Just wondering
MaxGaming MaxGaming Sep 21, 2015
Aww this is so sad.
                              But no offence, i wouldnt openly state that xp
X-Men-For-Life X-Men-For-Life Aug 09, 2014
I loved it. And that really good cuz I an not a big fan of stories like these but I love it.