My Life As A Nerdy Kara (EDITING/WRITING)

My Life As A Nerdy Kara (EDITING/WRITING)

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Zee By Zee-Mysterious Updated Sep 18, 2017

🔱 Alex looked at me and smirked, ''We will teach you how to fight.'' 

"Pardon?" I chocked out. They can't be serious!

''You heard him, it's simple. We'll teach you how to fight.'' Jacob grinned and his eyes twinkled with excitement.🔱

Meet seventeen year old, Kara Roderick who lives with her dad, older brother, and step-mom who secretly abuses her. Kara's one of those typical nerd, bookworm, geek, or whatever you want to call her. She would rather sit down and read a good book than go out and party. Kara's also bullied in school by the schools most popular guy, Colton smith.
Meet Colton Smith, or also known as schools bad boy. With killer looks and being the captain of football team, he basically rules the school. His main target is to make Kara's life living hell.

One day, Kara faces her greatest fear and that is when her life changes completely.

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Lazylollady Lazylollady Aug 24, 2017
Wait..... OMG! OMG!! I KNOW THIS  STORY!! I read this a while back. Omg! I'm  getting memories!
Crazy-For-Cupcakes Crazy-For-Cupcakes Jul 11, 2016
I'm really impressed!  The first chapter was beautifully composed! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
YoMamasDick YoMamasDick Feb 13, 2017
If she beats you one more time Imma slap her so hard she'll witness Jesus being born.
QuiescentEssence QuiescentEssence Oct 08, 2016
Supposed* and parents'* 
                              Oh god, wonderful evil step-mom rant though xD
- - Oct 01, 2016
Evil step moms....making the world a darker place one sweet and innocent stepdaughter at a time..I'm liking your story my friend! It really grasped me from the beginning 👏🏼😊😄
Inthenameofstars Inthenameofstars Jun 16, 2016
Definitely agree with Malvika, there is awesome description and plot and that cliffhanger was great!