trouble 》junick

trouble 》junick

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A N P A N M A N By staetus- Completed

zootopia au where nick is a cop and judy is a troublesome bunny.
judy: 17
nick: 18


nick wilde: a sarcastic, slick and suave fox - one of the zpd's top officers - is about to be met with the challenge of his life.

when a troublesome bunny is attacked on a crisp winter's night, she is made the target of a very important case that the zpd have been trying to crack for months. it's up to nick to find this bunny and get her to help him solve the case; but when she's been emotionally troubled from a very young age, getting her to come through may be harder than it seems...

{i do not own zootopia/zootropolis or any of its characters. i only own the storyline used in this fanfiction. mature because of scenes of domestic violence, abuse and coarse language.}

#198 in zootopia (10/05/18)

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ShadowSteele ShadowSteele Jun 15, 2016
Its awesome cant wait to see why she is a troublesome bunny :)
                              Due to the movie i cant see that happening so im very excited xD
JSMGaming JSMGaming Jan 17, 2017
Notice how to taxs where against him in the movie. Now there with him
ShadowSteele ShadowSteele Jun 16, 2016
Interesting start its still the same Nick but now without a certain someone telling him to be serious.
to_real2be_true to_real2be_true Jul 18, 2016
So does Nick still have a troubled past or is it just Judy???
MarcusHopper MarcusHopper Mar 05, 2017
I was wondering if Nick still had a troubled past, but his personality has certainly stayed the same. So yeah, typical Nick.
Leah-Michelle Leah-Michelle Jun 29, 2016
YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!  Six months was AWESOME and this one will be too.