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I Trust You [Judy x Nick] by KawaiiExpertise
I Trust You [Judy x Nick]by Jimmy Kudo
Nick Wilde is hopelessly in love with the magnificent Judy Hopps, and wants to claim her as his own. But it's not easy to be the odd couple of Zootopia. Two opposite spe...
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Wilde Hopps Trash Book (Oneshots) by WildeHopps_
Wilde Hopps Trash Book (Oneshots)by ☆WildeHopps Trash☆
☆Wilde Hopps Trash Book Oneshots☆ Contains: -Fluff -Romance -Humor -JudyxNick -JudyxNick -Fluff -Did I mention JudyxNick? Read, vote, and comment! (≧∇≦) (Cover By Purple...
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The Fox and the Rabbit by ShippingMammals
The Fox and the Rabbitby ShippingMammals
Taking place after the events in the Movie, starting directly after the Gazelle concert. The building feelings they both have to each other come to a head and take an un...
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Zootopia Comics by JSMGaming
Zootopia Comicsby J S M Gaming
This is just a collection of my favorite comics
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It's (not) Wrong (COMPLETE) by DisneyFan100
It's (not) Wrong (COMPLETE)by DisneyFan100
*I Do Not Own To Art Shown* So, ever sense i finished the "ways of Seeing Right Through You" Trilogy, i have wanted to make another Zootopia Story that would s...
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Zootopia: When Worlds Collide by Mane64ever
Zootopia: When Worlds Collideby Mane64ever
Zootopia...a gleaming city where animals of all kinds live together in peace and harmony. But when a child of humanity suddenly appears on their streets, will it be for...
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Meet Cute by Lady_Of_The_Worlds
Meet Cuteby Last Rebel Standing
A JackxJudy fic.
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Zootopia Drabbles by DemonWriterX
Zootopia Drabblesby DemonWriterX
NickXJudy Drabbles. Follow the lives of michevious and overly-flirty fox, Nick Wilde, who used to make his living conning animals and Judy Hopps, a spite-fire police off...
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Zootopia: Tales Of Nick & Judy Parenthood Life by KatherineQuijano5
Zootopia: Tales Of Nick & Judy Par...by Katherine Quijano
BOOK#2 {This is a sequel of Zootopia: love tale of Nick & Judy} Judy's and Nick's quads turned nine and their birthday gift is to go to Zootopia, which is their first...
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Unexpected non-truths  by LOVELYxONIONS
Unexpected non-truths by The Lovely Onion
Inspired by the comedy 'Son In Law'. ~~~~~~~~~~ Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde have been best friends on the ZPD force for a month now. However, thanksgiving comes around an...
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Zootopia: Drabbles/OneShots by samie326
Zootopia: Drabbles/OneShotsby Midnight Princess
I'll do anything from Oneshots to Drabbles to 5 chapter long stories. I'll make them up as I go. Write them down when I get an idea. Borrow from other people with consen...
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A Kind Predator(COMPLETE) by DisneyFan100
A Kind Predator(COMPLETE)by DisneyFan100
AU (Again) When a fox sees a bunny passed out in a local bar, he does what another mammal would not have done. He took her home, put her in her bed, and left. What wi...
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Chronicles of Zootopia by Anheledir
Chronicles of Zootopiaby Anheledir
Starting near the end of the movie this series introduces us to the relationship Nick and Judy are starting to begin. After having a rough start it stabilized eventually...
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Zootopia: Osiris (SEPT 3) by LeonardoLeto
Zootopia: Osiris (SEPT 3)by Leonardo
La ciudad está creciendo exponencialmente... con todos los riesgos que eso conlleva. Nick y Judy, quienes pensaban que luego de la SPQR, las cosas serían más tranquilas...
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Zootopia High School [COMPLETE]✔ by DisneyFan100
Zootopia High School [COMPLETE]✔by DisneyFan100
[A/U] 15 year old Judy Hopps isn't too happy when she is told that her familt must move to Zoottopia, away from her home, her friends, everything she knows. When she sta...
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Zootopia: Tales of Nick X Judy, Our life still continues by KatherineQuijano5
Zootopia: Tales of Nick X Judy, Ou...by Katherine Quijano
BOOK#3 You read the first story, the sequel and now it's the 3rd sequel.But probably the final sequel(Not sure). Nick and Judy had more kits and their quads are now teen...
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The Duchess And The Outlaw (WildeHopps AU) by ZiefaB
The Duchess And The Outlaw (WildeH...by Ziefa
This will be in an alternate universe that will go way back in time. It will be like The Middle Ages but for animals. The city is still called Zootopia but instead of ha...
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Wilde Family by GeonjaJoSinh
Wilde Familyby GeonjaJoSinh
Judy meets Nick's mom, this is probably going to a very short One-shot.
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Welcome to Zootopia! (One Shots) by talle2014
Welcome to Zootopia! (One Shots)by Talle
Zootopia A heaven like city that big dreamers go. Like Judy Hopps! It's also a place where... Well, has the most interesting sort of population. No day is alike in Zoot...
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The special resident in Zootopia and in the ZPD by voleitor
The special resident in Zootopia a...by Rubén Jiménez
Someone new arrived at the city of Zootopia. But he is not just anybody else, he has come from another place mysteriously and only to preserve the peace in Zootopia, get...
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