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From Best Friend to Boyfriend

From Best Friend to Boyfriend

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MissUzuchiha By MissUzuchiha Updated Dec 13, 2016

[Modern: Naruto x Reader] You are Naruto Uzumaki's best friend since a young age, but what happens when friendly feelings turn into much more?

NerdyBishy NerdyBishy Apr 27
Pls if i win this your money is all gone i have lots of fav snacks
Potato Snack. It's made in Korea and my favorite snack of all time!
AkabaneTh AkabaneTh May 09
Um, actually, it's suppose to be Kushina and Minato Namikaze. Naruto only take his mother's last name because his father was a Hokage and he is a jinchuuriki. He can be hunt down by those reasons
Imma be real. Every time I see Sasuke's name I say "Sas" because that's just how we do it on tumblr
harlmat harlmat Mar 25
did u get the name Tusbaki from Soul Eater or where u trying to spell Tsundae
1mouse2 1mouse2 Oct 13, 2016
Why did his mommy and daddy have to die?
                              (I know that they are dead in the anime)