White Fire [Completed]

White Fire [Completed]

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Charlay Marie By CharlayMarie1 Completed

**Watty Award Winner 2016: Voracious Reads**

She was told to fear him...
She was told that his evil would devour her...
She was told to stay far away...
But what if they were all wrong?
What if the Cold Prince could love?
What if he loved her?

Anya is born with a gift that only the royal families of the Ice Clan possess: White Fire, a power colder than ice that can destroy anything in its path. It is the most powerful force that can be wielded by man - one that can stop the Fire Clan from winning a ten year war against their nation.

But it is rumored that this gift comes with consequences. It is a power known to lead a man into darkness...

When Anya is sent to the castle to train as a warrior along with three others, she finds out how difficult life will be. Especially with the bone-chilling Cold Prince training her, and a King who has taken a special liking to her. But there is a darkness in the castle ready to devour anything in its path, and Anya quickly learns who she can and can't trust within the walls of Ice and Despair...


WinterWidowislife WinterWidowislife 4 days ago
Mmmm just wait hunny. You'll be feeling ALL the love from him
AGirlInConverse AGirlInConverse 5 days ago
Changed the background to white and I feel like my eyes are gonna pop out reading black on white
i would totes overthrow the kingdom and rule it with powerrrrrr!! woohoo
Marishapruitt Marishapruitt 6 days ago
Doesn't seem like a bad idea right now, My Prince . *glares at him daringly*
Lil_Indie06 Lil_Indie06 Feb 12
😂😂😂 No man!!! So being pretty can allow u to get away with stuff....?? Apparently I'm not using my good looks the right way then.
Very lovely.. im waiting for this story to be completed so i can start reading. An yah! Im in!