The Flames That Binds Us (Daughter of Fire #1) Ongoing!

The Flames That Binds Us (Daughter of Fire #1) Ongoing!

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Suri-Sabri By Suri-Sabri Updated Feb 01

In a world where magic is a part of someone's daily life; a young wizard's journey thrives more than she had expected. 

Lydia Voltaire has been training for something all throughout her eighteen years, and she has no clue of what could it be? All she knows that she's a Slifer; an ancient wizard who possesses the power to control and wield one of the elements, hers being fire. 

However; ever since her youth, she's been told by her guardian that on her 18th birthday; she would be handed over to the king of Imarnia; king Gabriel James Imarnia. Why?...No one has ever told her. And that doesn't even add to the fact that she has to stay a virgin until the king comes and claims her. 

But will she be willing to? And what about the king?    

All there is to say is that Lydia's peaceful life as a Slifer begins to shatter once she leaves her small town and heads to Imarnia; and little did she know of what was waiting for her there.

MinaDaene MinaDaene Jan 10, 2015
its a really nice story, but I just can't sleep, because i don't how the story ends
_littlemissAlice _littlemissAlice Oct 18, 2014
I word reword the sentence "Lucius, who is the most strongest wizard in our town" to "Lucius, the strongest wizard in our town" :) I like the plot so far though!
Suri-Sabri Suri-Sabri May 09, 2013
@lickywiz First, I love Fairy Tail! XD it`s such an amazing anime. Second, I haven`t thought about it, the name just appeared on my mind. But I think that it`s Magnolia not Ignolia :)
- - May 08, 2013
hey did you know ignolia is a kingdom in the anime "fairy tail?"
Suri-Sabri Suri-Sabri Apr 03, 2013
@ScarletBerries Yeah it`s a lot different so it`s a challenge for me to write such stories. Anyway, glad you liked it.
ScarletBerries ScarletBerries Apr 03, 2013
Owh this is different from your previous sounds great I'll definitely read this one :D