Chapter Thirty Two: The Fight

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Fire and ice collided, causing smoke to rise and water to fall - a mix of chaos and beauty

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Fire and ice collided, causing smoke to rise and water to fall - a mix of chaos and beauty. Prince Sebastian shifted to his right, slamming a fist into  Draggo's chest, causing a circle of ice to form and  spread across his skin. Draggo cried out and stumbled, and the fire in his hands began to dim. The ice that spread past his chest had begun to travel around to his back. At the rate of the growing ice, he would be a statue within minutes.

Draggo dropped to his knees with a face contorted in pain. The Prince stood feet away, staring down at him with a content expression. He'd defeated Draggo all too easily, and I was relieved.

That was until I caught movement behind Sebastian and averted my eyes to the door. Another Firelander ran toward the Prince with malicious intent.

"Prince Sebastian!" I cried out, watching as the Firelander lifted his torched hand to strike.

Thankfully, the Prince spun around just in time and lifted a hand to block the attack. He then punched the Firelander with his free hand, causing him to instantly freeze. With a swift back kick, the Prince sent the Firelander crashing to the ground in shards of ice.

I hadn't noticed when Draggo managed to rid himself of the growing ice by setting his whole body aflame. He stood before us, a walking fire, ready to attack. With a roar, dozens of fireballs shot out at us and I tried to shield myself, knowing I was seconds from being baked alive.

Suddenly, the snow from the walls collided with each fireball, instantly extinguishing the flames.

"Now you've made me angry," Prince Sebastian growled, and he stomped his foot, causing a loud thump. The snow from the ground began to form around the Firelander's ankle and continued to rise until it reached his knees, locking him to the floor.

Draggo flexed his entire body as he tried to break free from the pile of snow, but nothing worked. Prince Sebastian watched him struggle with amused eyes. He then walked toward Draggo and stood in from of him.

"I should let the lady here kill you just like she killed your friend," Prince Sebastian offered, sounding dark and deadly - a side of him I never liked to see. However, if there was ever a time where his abrasiveness was needed, it was now.

His words set Draggo on fire again, and the Prince barely dodged a round of burning flames thrown at his head.

"Stop playing with him," I yelled the Prince. "Others need our help!"

"You heard the lady," Prince Sebastian said to Draggo. "But I've got a better idea for you. I'll keep you alive so that you can watch your friends freeze to death, and then I'll kill you after you tell me who let you loose."

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