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Warriors: SuperClan

Warriors: SuperClan

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The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Updated Feb 11

Clan cats? With superpowers? Cats with powers has been a long-running joke in the Warriors community. In this book, you will be introduced to a Clan where every cat has extraordinary (but ridiculous) superpowers. Oh, and there just might be a supervillain? Read on to find out!

~ Cover by Duskie ~

XD XD XD XD I just read this to my brother and he looked mortified
                              Just me?????
                              Ok... :'(
Bandit_Merp Bandit_Merp Jun 13
It's can't be regular fire. NO. She has to be extra fancy. *draws a moustache on her muzzle*
Remisse Remisse May 27
Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub, a towel under his knees and another under his hands, his head turned as he craned his neck to watch Brendon working.
                              you're welcome fellow sinners 🥛😏
Bandit_Merp Bandit_Merp Jun 13
*in a really weird voice* Hmmmmm let's see what this one doesss...
MraEglte MraEglte 4 days ago
What a threat to a clan with a cat who.can shoot lasers, a cat who can make eartquakes and a whole lot of other super cats. I'm sure that they will be able to defeat one cat even with metal claws.