The Stretch Mark Club

The Stretch Mark Club

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Jamie Raintree By JamieRaintree Completed

If you’ve ever felt that little kick inside you, experienced the nerve-wracking and enchanting moment of childbirth, wiped spit-up off your shirt in the middle of the grocery store, leaked milk through your bra in public without realizing it until you got home, cleaned poop out of the tub, or blinked back tears while watching your baby fall asleep in your arms…this one’s for you. You are officially a card-carrying member of The Stretch Mark Club.

Three women, four babies, one week apart. Shea, married just a few months, is still learning about life as a wife when Zoe is born, and hopes that her husband didn’t marry her just because of the two pink lines. Riley’s ex-boyfriend disappeared as soon as he found out she was pregnant, leaving Riley to raise Alexis on her own. Jasmine, the mother of twins, Xavier and Andrea, has been married to Hector for years but despite his initial excitement to have a baby, he refuses to change a single diaper. Follow Shea, Riley and Jasmine as they navigate the world of new motherhood…and try to salvage some semblance of their womanhood.

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mo_adeleye mo_adeleye Jun 09, 2017
I'm not sure I get the connection. What does being induced have to do with teenage years?
AnnaKateChristiansen AnnaKateChristiansen Nov 06, 2016
Nicely written. I really enjoy the story line. between all the names, it does get a little confusing about who you are talking about though.
QueenZey QueenZey Jul 21, 2013
I'm quite new to Wattpad and this was the first genuinely well written story I read. Great job!
QueenZey QueenZey Jul 21, 2013
@maddie2macie That's not constructive and you've posted nothing yet so...
ff67wifey ff67wifey Mar 14, 2013
@JamieRaintree thanks ya y it takes 9mons almost 10is beyond me. But, I guess if it was quick and easy men would carry babies lol ;).  Hahaha!! I can't even picture my husband pregnant. When he gets anything from a sore throat to a stomach ache its the end of the world. ;)
JamieRaintree JamieRaintree Mar 13, 2013
@ff67wifey Send my thanks to your friend for the recommendation! I glad to hear you're almost there. It is stressful enough when everything goes well. Lots of luck on a safe delivery!