Writer of Women's Fiction and stories about women searching for truth in life and love. Original fiction available on my website as well as motivational videos about my writing, personal growth, finding balance, striving for success, and searching for happiness. I have been married to my husband for seven years–a man incredible enough to support my dream and inspire the characteristics of my heroes at the same time–and I work from home while wrangling my two beautiful girls, ages 3 years and sixteen months. We build our life in Northern Colorado.

Please visit me on my website at http://jamieraintree.com or find me on Facebook at http://facebook.com/jamieraintreeauthor for more. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to share my work with you.
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JamieRaintree JamieRaintree Aug 18, 2013 04:18AM
@melmabob Thank you so much for your comment! You have no idea how perfect your timing was and how much it meant to me. Thank you. :)
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The Stretch Mark Club

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Description: If you’ve ever felt that little kick inside you, experienced the nerve-wracking and enchanting moment of childbirth, wiped spit-up off your shirt in the middle of the grocery store, leaked milk through your br...

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A Song for Butterflies

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