glasses |vkook|

glasses |vkook|

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ktjv By kimtaekook_jeonvkook Updated 4 days ago

"you look cute without your glasses."

"um thanks, i guess you would look cuter if i had my glasses on though."

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ARMYEverEmma ARMYEverEmma 3 days ago
Who's jungkook ivmust have mistaken jon gak has jungkook😂😅😉
babyaaliyahxxxx babyaaliyahxxxx 4 days ago
We jus learned the about school and finished it now we are starting a new one today
Andreea_Cornelia3 Andreea_Cornelia3 4 days ago
I am at it. And i love it evem If i do the World dar for the second time
sweatytaehung sweatytaehung 3 days ago
On seating.. Well it depends on my mood how much ready for school. 😂😂
xxbunicornxx xxbunicornxx 4 days ago
We did this lesson in the first semester......I hate social sciences!