Is It Love? (Laurance X Reader) ✔ {Wattys2016}

Is It Love? (Laurance X Reader) ✔ {Wattys2016}

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(≧∇≦)/ By GomoIsTrash Completed

A/n This is my first story so please don't judge.

(Y/n) just moved from California to Florida because her mom got a job deal. But on the other hand, (y/n) got bullied at her old school in California. She lived a miserable life, but that's all in the past. She tried to think on the positive side. (Y/n) doesn't believe in love anymore since the last time she went on a date. 

When (y/n) moves to a new town and a new school, how will she be able to keep up with the drama?

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Ka45336 Ka45336 Jul 30
The high school I'm going to is 2 minutes away from me. My mom still won't let me walk. XD
                                               SALTY MUCH???
Well what else are you supposed to think about? The POSITIVE stuff?? O gosh no
ewKathyy ewKathyy Sep 06
I live in California, and since I'm so bad with humidity.. ugh. I can't even imagine Florida!
                              Hearts out to those experiencing Hurricane Irma, by the way.
I usually stay up till 4:30 AM and wake up at 3:00 PM UNLESS IT'S SCHOOL😂😂😂 but ya... I'm basically nocturnal 😂😂😂😂