Markiplier x reader                    A Perfect Life

Markiplier x reader A Perfect Life

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aliens are real 👽 By lowkeysuicidalkitten Completed

Your life was going perfectly. A perfect home, a perfect boyfriend. But very soon your perfect life will fall apart. Who knew that the most unlikeliest person will save you?

This is my first x reader story hope you like it!! If you think I should do something to the story or that I should continue, please leave a comment. Really appreciate it. :):):)

Sincerely, The Very Fancy Panda.

Pandafan007 Pandafan007 Feb 02
*tips top hat and Sebs~chan bows* Pandas from another.... Panda
But Tomodachi! My sisters name is Alex!  And my brothers name is Mark! Help me Author-Chan!
bizarkles bizarkles 5 days ago
Y/N~  Madelyn//Maddie
                              E/C~ Poop/chocolate brown
                              H/L~ To meh shoulder blades
                              H/C~ dark brown / same color as eyes
                              S/C~ little pale(I'm quarter native American) but tans from me being in the sun for about an hour
I thought of alex from a septiplier fanfic I read called the club I have no idea why but I did
Pandafan007 Pandafan007 Feb 02
*runs through library with hands  cupping mouth* WOOOOOOOOOORSE
llMiMill llMiMill Feb 11
Let's get real for a moment, every time I see the cliche 'perfect boyfriend' I know there's gonna be cheating involved.