"She walked through the house, tears streaming down her face, as silent as her feet on the wooden floor. She knew it was cold, knew it should be cold, but couldn't feel it. She hadn't been able to feel anything for so long..."
    Who is this woman?
    Why is she here?
    Will anyone find her?
    Find out, when you read: "Mama?"
This is the best chapter i have ever read im crying not because it was sad but because it was amazing u will be my inspiration to become an author and i promise you this if you really wanted to u could become an author with no problem  not that you need me to tell you this
Holy mother of god. This was so amazing! Creepy ghosts walking around and killing people like they own the place. Smh. ;)
                                    But anyways, I really enjoyed this. 
@Plain_old_me You're very welcome! And you surely accomplished it! =D
@arty_writes Thank you, I'm glad I freaked you out, for that was my goal. :3
That was so... creepy! It honestly freaks you out when you read it! I don't think I've had that effect with other stories, so congrats on freaking me out. lol =P
                                    This is great! =D
That was great! I especially liked the first part and the ending :)