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Missed My Stop

Missed My Stop

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89201 By RubixCube89201 Updated Jul 19, 2014

Rebecca Finch hates telling stories. And in her family, they treasure story telling like second nature. But this year she is forced to go to the family reunion to tell a story that might make a little kid cry. When she takes a bus to Chicago, but accidentally falls asleep, she finds out that she...

Missed her stop.

Kicked out by the bus driver, she has nothing but the clothes on her back, a dead phone and twenty bucks. But that's when Jay, the optimistic hitchhiker that carries a bottomless backpack, stumbles into her path to join her on the adventure. 

Against her will, of course.

With only two weeks until the reunion, the two travel across the country. Armed with only a frying pan, they join the circus, befriend a mob boss, get harassed by a perverted zebra, run away from the Men in Black, and steal a motorcycle only to get caught by the police for a whole different crime. After all the endless bickering, random trivia facts, and off-key singing, how will the two survive each other?

@RubixCube89201 I saw the name Rebecca Finch, you've seen LIMITLESS, haven't you 😏👌❤️
Can't make any promises cause I'm always up for an adventure😘😀😎
RealityIsATrap RealityIsATrap May 02, 2016
Once I missed my stop and had to walk for 45 minutes...damn it wasnt enjoyable AND I was late
celiwelollipop celiwelollipop Apr 29, 2016
Eeeekkk hiii I lobe your books it's like the story of my life please follow me or read my book it will just make my day no no year because you totally inspired me. :-) pleaseeee follow me it'll be a huge honor to be followed by you thanks
Iamanerdybookworm Iamanerdybookworm Aug 08, 2015
I missed my stop once...great thing it was in front of a convenient store and I have my money so damn lucky
biancatiki26 biancatiki26 Apr 08, 2015
I love your stories you are literally one of my my favorite authors. I also love that you are so against bullying. You are a great inspiration and people should take you as an example.