To Remember: Just One Night (Hoodie x Reader)

To Remember: Just One Night (Hoodie x Reader)

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(Be prepared for stupid references in each update, especially each chapters' title. And yes, this is a Creepypasta x reader book!)

There's no way to sugarcoat this. You've been  held hostage by psychotic killers, all because you were the popular girl going to a forbidden party location. Popularity has its downsides, pretty obvious here.

Those killers, they tormented you so badly. So heartlessly. But you didn't give up. That's your problem. You don't know when to quit.

Because this is just one night, one night you will always be forced to remember.

(((((Hoodie x Reader)))))

nina_hokinslove nina_hokinslove Dec 19, 2016
Spit on your grave the grave a dick on it.    I love that song
AlisonTrigger AlisonTrigger Feb 23, 2016
"Nah bish, it smells like that new perfume, 'ScrewUIJustWannaLive'"
-_Hipster-Ice_- -_Hipster-Ice_- Apr 13, 2016
Ye Lil Bïtch, Author-Chan!~
                              I Happen To Love My Alarm Clock!
                              It Upsets My Parents!!
XQueen_moonlightX XQueen_moonlightX Nov 26, 2016
I don't care what I were sometimes. Not trying to call out people
                              You do you and I do me
Batteeny Batteeny Aug 18, 2016
XQueen_moonlightX XQueen_moonlightX Nov 26, 2016
It smells like honey XD 
                              Hoodie: you're crazy 
                              ( Waiting for someone to quote Melanie Martinez)