daddy 2jae

daddy 2jae

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"that was wink wonk number one, daddy"

"never say that again"

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WH0REBUM WH0REBUM May 22, 2017
I have a higher chance of getting caught by my brother but he gives no fucks on what I read, I've read smut next to him so many times lmao
Hobi2Hobi Hobi2Hobi Jun 22, 2017
My mom don't give shxts. She just know am reading, that's all she needs to c
Tsundere-Leafeon Tsundere-Leafeon Jul 02, 2017
I don't go to church nor having a bible and holy water, I also don't have a pic of Jisoo.
kpopchanclas kpopchanclas Dec 19, 2017
My mom doesn't know English so I read next to her when I'm bored and I always see her peeking then asking " Whatchu ReAdInG?" In a weird tone......does ShE kNoW EnGrIsH ???!!
IGot7LilMemes IGot7LilMemes Aug 09, 2017
When you don't need a bible anymore because you have read way too many kpop fanfics