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Paw Prints | Hybrid! Park Jimin

Paw Prints | Hybrid! Park Jimin

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RJ By JiminieChanyTae Updated Jun 09

Luna passes by that dark alley every day and she knows that there's a dog hybrid there, hiding from the cruel world that only caused him pain. On a rainy day, Jimin is protected by the cold droplets by a stranger's umbrella and as he looks up, he's welcomed by a warm smile and an extended hand, an invitation to every hybrid's dream: a home.
Started on: May 18th

uhmm... when I read hybrid fanfics i'm always expecting heats or mating seasons >_< ugh! just a pervert girl, im sorry
OmaimaElRhoussal OmaimaElRhoussal Jul 25, 2016
Actually I hope you can see INFINITE !! they're so talented too and have a lot to show ^^ btw Im also Army ( jimin's biased xD just like you Hh ) and IGOT7 too ( Jackson's biased )
Morgan_Bowen Morgan_Bowen May 23, 2016
This story is super cute so far!!  Again I love your writing style ( ˘ ³˘)♥
OmaimaElRhoussal OmaimaElRhoussal Jul 26, 2016
You're amizing ! ITs not enough to tell how awesome you're ! Keep going on ^^
bunnydream bunnydream Aug 02, 2016
When taehyung catches the ball and he's running around, does he get the ball with his hands or mouth? and when he's running is it on 2 legs or all fours?