CHIM- Let It Rain

CHIM- Let It Rain

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ChimAddict By ChimAddict Updated Sep 24, 2016

Cheryl's POV

I can't control me frantic eyes from darting around the bustling airport: a haze of chaos and deafening sounds. 

Me teeth grind with anticipation; trimmed nails subconsciously drumming a rhythm upon the desk. 

"Enjoy your flight." The air hostess returns the passport to me trembling grasp, before directing us down a sloped tunnel. 

I flash a weak smile before following her instructions with hesitant strides. The air thickens as my footsteps echo and I begin to notice the roaring hum of engines. 

Rounding a corner, I'm greeted by a beaming flight attendant, immediately spilling warm welcomes and ushering us inside the small plane. 

"How are you today, Miss Tweedy?" He asks politely: suited in a crisp uniform, name badge and gentlemanly demeanour. 

"Sh!tting meself to be honest." I laugh shakily, watching his tanned cheeks strain as his head is thrown back in amusement. 

"I take it you're embarking on your first flight?" He comically bites his rosy lip, whilst wideni...

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sophiems sophiems Jun 21, 2016
Ahh great start! cant wait to see whats their job or reason for being there together :)
chimchezza chimchezza Aug 27, 2016
I've been waiting for that chapter, I love it so much already 🙌