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Danny Phantom the Demi-God ?

Danny Phantom the Demi-God ?

4.7K Reads 228 Votes 12 Part Story
The Obsessor By CalystaFNAF Updated Jan 08

Some new kids have showed up at Danny's school , they're sending him notes in Greek and people are turning into monsters, lots of talking of something about Demi gods...
What's this all about, 
Why are these kids at his school, 
Why are monsters attacking him  and the new kids, 
Are the Greek Gods actually real 
Stay tuned to find out 

Special guest star : fluffy12572 (aka: Jordan Layne)

Disclaimer I do not own Danny phantom and his fellow friends nor do I own Percy jackson series and things I only own myself and the story line fluffy12572 owns her self lol
made Oct 13, 2016

Lifelight21 Lifelight21 Oct 13, 2016
Ur talking in Nico's PoV, and u said "a bit taller than Nico." Does he talk in third person?
This is a run on sentence. To make the story even better, you should change it to clear, concise, and SHORTER sentences. :]
Agh! Another! Dude, what have you been writing in?? NOTEPAD?
998523c 998523c Feb 19
I feel you all mine come out looking like a kindergarteners art project
Wouldbebookstalker Wouldbebookstalker Aug 29, 2016
Woohoo! Let's get this party started! I'm so glad this exists.