MCD and MyStreet Lemons

MCD and MyStreet Lemons

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KinnaBoo786__ By KinnaBoo786__ Updated May 01, 2016

     Lucinda's POV
I decided that today I would tell Garroth that I love him. I made a Potion that will make you love the person you see first with a passion! I would splash it on him if he didn't like me back...

    Garroth's POV
Lucinda asked me to come to her house to talk to her....I wonder what it is...hmm I guess I'll have to find out!


I walked over to Lucinda's house...she lives  far out from everyone since she almost blew a house up....

  3rd person POV
As Garroth walked to Lucinda she got the potion ready...she was ready to splash him with it...He knocked on the door and...

   Lucinda's POV
I heard the doorbell ring...He's here...i opened the door and asked him to sit on the couch.."Hey Lucinda! What's up?" He asked. "G-Garroth...I-I love you...a-a lot...."  Garroth immediately looked shocked...I had no idea what to do..."Lucinda..I-I don't feel the same way...I'm sorry..." He said 
" will soon..." I threw the potion at him and his pu...

Garmau13579 Garmau13579 Aug 22, 2016
Aaron never went through the portal for 15 years garroth did 😆