My House Mates Are From Hell (BDSM)

My House Mates Are From Hell (BDSM)

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"Kadin! Get out here and clean the mess Tonya made!" Logan shouted.

Derek, Ryan and Kyle stood around laughing as I, Kadin, walked in and started cleaning up the vomit their bimbo, Tonya, had thrown up.


Perhaps I should start from the beginning.

My name is Kadin Arabella Mathews, I'm 17 years old and entering college, but my parents kicked me out so I had to find a place to live. My best friend, Taylor, made me move in with him and his brother, Derek. Soon after I moved in Taylor enrolled in the military, so now Taylor is gone, leaving me with his evil younger brother Derek and his friends, Ryan, Kyle and the bane of my existance Logan.

Taylor is 25

Derek is 22

Ryan is 20

Kyle is 18

and Logan is, you guessed it, same as me 17.

No matter what Derek and his friends gang up on me and torture me. My house mates are from hell!


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