Alphas Bad Girl

Alphas Bad Girl

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#92 --> 02. Sep. 2016

Alexandra is great description of a bad girl. She can kill a person and don't feel anything. But how she  became that girl?? How she lose her hope in world and became the motionless killer?? There is a heavy past   behind all of that.  She is the  rogue that goes to the different packs  territory and attack everyone. But what happens if one of the attacked packs Alpha is her mate. Would she trust him or ignore him and continue to kill everyone. Would she open up to him??

I want to thank @DreamHighly  for the beautiful cover. All credit of the cover goes to her.

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beegeenee420 beegeenee420 Aug 09, 2017
"Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back! Now, Dean, go!"
callme_addy callme_addy Mar 18, 2017
Putted isn't a word though...but I understand it's your first them writing :))
Ihysterical Ihysterical Aug 30, 2016
•you could change 'after hug we' to 'when we separate' or 'after we hug'
                              •comma after 'after hug we' or whatever you choose from up there^
Ihysterical Ihysterical Aug 30, 2016
•take to took
                              •they always was to they would always be or they are always
                              •A comma before Damien
Ihysterical Ihysterical Aug 30, 2016
•I would put 'most of my pack' instead of 'all pack' because all of the pack would mean the mothers and children too. But that's just me lol
RebekahWrites120 RebekahWrites120 Sep 08, 2016
This story is interesting so far. Bad girls characters are awesome so to see a story about a bad girl is nice. Beside a couple of grammar issues I say you are off to a great start. Will continued to read. Peace.