The Phoenix Academy

The Phoenix Academy

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There was once a story...
A legend and a history. 

Eira Riley, the anointed, has accomplished many things in her life. Later on, she achieved her main goal of welcoming her new school -  The Phoenix Academy.

Years have past and abilities have been developed. In this new generation, people have different powers and weapons. The greatest thing is, these people are protected and known to exist in the world with their identities kept a secret. 

Young ones holding special abilities and talents were sent to this academy to be trained well for the world outside - Cassandra Williams is one of them. 

She is the one with the power to control many things, thanks to a rare ability she has had all her life. 

After the incident with Eira in the past, the academy fears for the disaster to happen again. Therefore, a new rule is present in their society and the rare power of dust is banned to be used.

What will Cassandra be facing when she's the lucky one who can control it?


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