[Gaster! Sans X Reader] Soul Of Freedom

[Gaster! Sans X Reader] Soul Of Freedom

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Pls save me- By WhatIsHumanity Updated Nov 30, 2016

You heard about it. When the barrier was shattered. When monsters were finally free. That was until another war broke down, causing them all to get trapped in the underground again. Rumors spread that the humans killed a child named Frisk for setting them free.

"Every monster that we find out in the surface, will be sentenced to death."


"Finally, they're gone"

"I hope they stay in the underground, where they belong"

It makes you cringe, us, humans are the real monsters. But, you're gonna change all of that. 

[Quick Warning! This might probably be a slow burn]

maraUNDERWOLF maraUNDERWOLF Dec 01, 2016
WHAT FRISK IS DEAD *kills myself* f-frisk t-this is f-for you xp
taylor_fairy taylor_fairy Aug 16, 2016
My faith in humanity on a scale of highest to lowest 
                              Highest point ___
                              Lowest point _______
                              We are going to die soon level ______
atomicmaddy atomicmaddy Apr 18, 2016
*psst* *whispers* we both started are books for da same reason lawl. Twinning. *regular voice* Also I really like yeah ur cover :3 it's pretty lit
TheMarrionette85 TheMarrionette85 Jun 21, 2016
*is hiding a knife to cut him free and run like the wind on my horse is a go*
Donutparty203 Donutparty203 Jul 21, 2016
                              They are all about to get their butts kicked for throwing things at Gans....
TheMadnessOfMyMind TheMadnessOfMyMind Jul 02, 2016
And you're just a human sweetie. You have a soul and yet you don't.