Always A Winchester || Teen Wolf & Supernatural One Shot

Always A Winchester || Teen Wolf & Supernatural One Shot

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❝They're good people, Dean. They might have kicked me out for being a weak pathetic kid but that's all in the past. I'm not saying that they're bad friends but they were my friends when I needed them so I'm actually grateful for that. I don't forgive them, but I guess it was time to put my past behind me, you know? Just like what I did when Jessica died.❞

In which, Stiles Stilinski is actually Sam Winchester and finally returns back to Beacon Hills after they started the Apocalypse.

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I just laughed really hard. Either this is really funny or it's due to the fact I haven't slept and three days and running off of coffee.
I miss Bobby so much😭😭 you wanna know what's bad... I almost typed Booby instead of Bobby...
A11327Demigod A11327Demigod Oct 02, 2016
Sam was six months old when Mary died. Sorry, it was just bugging me
I_Am_The_Fallen_One I_Am_The_Fallen_One Dec 07, 2016
Ghost! Ghostfacers!
                              Stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot!
I just burst out laughing at this and now my family is looking at me weird