My Guy Maid | Lee Taeyong  ✔️

My Guy Maid | Lee Taeyong ✔️

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I hear a knock on the door, I wasn't scared because I knew my new maid would becoming at this time. I run down stairs then hear another knock but this time I hear a voice but couldn't here clearly. "Huh?" I say and I hear a slight cough then a voice  "I said open your door."

Nayeon is a rich and organize girl. Her parents leave for a vacation leaving her with her new maid but what she doesn't know is that the maid is a guy! 

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spread those legs Daddy 🚨💦👏🏻🍆✊🏻👅👌🏻 
                              🅱️op my 🅱️ussy
How do you not know? I thought the mom said she already showed Taeyong around.
zicoya zicoya Sep 06
Construction workers build stuff... like buildings and paving roads...
"Eh"? Oh I'm an "Eh" now? Burn Taeyong, burn!
melodiction melodiction Apr 09, 2016
I can't wait for this...... I had on idea like this😂 you read my mind
justsyafalright justsyafalright Sep 14, 2016
How did he look effin innocent yet dangerous at the same time and BOII CLOSE YOUR LEGS PLEASE