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Yesterday's Prince

Yesterday's Prince

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HD Lynn By hlynn117 Updated Dec 02, 2016

What would you do if your body and your kingdom were stolen?
  Uther is a young prince who's reluctantly thrust into having to defend his throne against his usurping uncle and all-around powerful wizard, who uses his powers to steal the one thing Uther thought he couldn't take: his own body. After becoming the villain of the realm in an instant, Uther struggles to find anyone that will believe his story. His uncle's unsavory reputation lands him with a family of dark fae, a goblin, and a troll--not the usual team of knightly heroes.
  Together, this odd team will untangle a web of curses, escape bounty hunters, and confront fae. If Uther can't figure out how to reverse his uncle's curse, he'll be trapped in a body that's not his own--doomed to be a villain--for the rest of his life.
  YESTERDAY'S PRINCE is The Sword in the Stone with a Freaky Friday twist. Now entered in #Wattys2016

This is a really good start. This is one heck of a great concept and you've managed to establish the basic rules of this world in one single chapter! Also, great cliff-hanger line. 
                              Very well done. Keep it up!
I really am enchanted by this description! Loving the story so far :-)
ColonizerDroid003 ColonizerDroid003 Jul 20, 2016
Is there a reason this is cut off from the rest of the paragraph? Becasue once again, it's still part of the same general thought.
ColonizerDroid003 ColonizerDroid003 Jul 20, 2016
Don't know why this sticks out to me, but I'd make this motion a bit more specific.
ColonizerDroid003 ColonizerDroid003 Jul 20, 2016
I loved this whole description. Nothing to comment on, but if you want to find a way to work the word "Resonant" into your description of her voice, I think it would really clearly convey what you're trying to picture.
ColonizerDroid003 ColonizerDroid003 Jul 20, 2016
Based on your description of this world, I'm assuming its more medieval, and I don't think they'd actually have socks. Maybe something like socks, idk, but if I were you I'd choose something that you know they wore. Like shoes, or undergarments.