Draco Malfoy Imagines

Draco Malfoy Imagines

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Draco Malfoy fluff imagines  

May involve swearing

I can do requests 

Tumblr thanx

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nevillesmuggle- nevillesmuggle- Sep 17, 2017
Well got the muggleborn correct but im a hufflepuff.     ʏєţ
Draco: I love you (Y/N)!!
                              (Y/N): i love... uhmmmmmm..... butterbeer..?
MalvaMalfoy MalvaMalfoy Oct 13, 2017
You can't blame him for that, let him say it when he's ready.
MalvaMalfoy MalvaMalfoy Oct 13, 2017
Please say he's not gonna yell it in the great hall because then I'm skipping this one shot
SaltTuna SaltTuna Nov 11, 2017
That’s a little selfish isn’t it. He can say “I love you” when he’s ready and there are social standerds that purebloods, Mainly him, have to abide by. It’s just his life and he could be punished if he strays away from that life.
blobbed blobbed Sep 26, 2017
I see them in class and a guy is taking to you and he just yells..."HEY STOP EYE F*CKING MY GIRL YOU PR*CK OF A BADGER "