Bodytalk - A Stalia Fanfiction

Bodytalk - A Stalia Fanfiction

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Stalia. By stilesxmalia Updated Aug 07

Why is he so dumb? 
Why has he been so freaking dumb?

What was he thinking when he left her car with the words "but it matters to me"?

She literally had just told him that she loved him no matter what, and he, he pushed her away, leaving her alone in the car, seeing how she teared up.

This Fanfiction has references of Season 5 of Teen Wolf and it's rated M - mostly because of the slight sexual content. 
It's more cute tho, it's just me describing the teenage hormones here and there.

I ♥ you IG page, and now you have a fanfiction ?! OMG ILYSM 😏
sameherelol sameherelol Aug 09
Actually if you watch the show, Malia is the one who wraps arm protectively. They are just cute like that lol
AlanLujan AlanLujan Jul 11
I'm a Stydia shipper but holy wolf this story is good, I would like to point out that I don't hate Malia either, please keep writing more.
Just read one of your other books I'm addicted to your stories😂😂😂
Doesn't really sound like something stiles would say but whatever still love the story!
SmartiesHb SmartiesHb Jul 08
I'm so happy you wrote this book!!!!!!! Keep up the good work :)