I'm Fine TW/TMR

I'm Fine TW/TMR

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JackFrost By YoungandChildish Updated Jan 07

i got this idea from the Stiles Stilinski I'm Fine video on youtube and no one made a fanfiction on it


all of it

no one seemed to ever notice when Stiles was always lying, because stiles learned how to control his heart rate. what happens when Jackson makes a comment that sends Stiles running and the pack and some other people into a white room with a screan in front of them. 

what happens when they see all of the real Stiles and some people new come to watch with the wolves, they happen to knw Stiles, or should i say Thomas

made in 2018

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libralionmjb libralionmjb Oct 02, 2018
As harsh as it was, maybe show case how Stiles felt inside his own mind during the nogitsune. But This is very good I love the blend of video song and story :-)
Bluespirt Bluespirt Aug 22, 2018
You should have them react to Dark!Stiles || Ready or not. Also it’s an awesome book keep it up