Contract To Your Heart

Contract To Your Heart

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It is every girls dream to have a prince in their life who will treat them like a princess.Nadia is the same. She always dreamed of marrying someone who will love her but what happens when she is forced to marry a Ceo of a big trading company but even worse, she has to sign a contract which says that they will only be married for 4 months. A love hate relationship araise as they both struggle to find out how they feel about each other. 

Read to find out more, I promise you won't regret.

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It was Hasina , untill they heard about the deal of 4 months
MelanieHall964 MelanieHall964 Oct 22, 2017
Hope her wish comes true and leave  that evil woman and her children
nafisabilal nafisabilal Apr 08, 2016
This really sound like a Cinderella story and love it already
nafisabilal nafisabilal Apr 08, 2016
I hope he marry her is he the nigh and shining armor that she dream of
user05050 user05050 Aug 04
This is exactly like that scene in Harry potter and the chamber of Secrets when the Dursleys told Harry to stay in his room and pretend he doesn't exist!!
Im not Muslim so I don't understand some of the terms....what is salat?