ARRANGED | Justin Bieber ✔

ARRANGED | Justin Bieber ✔

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SOLA☯ By SodaMahone Completed

Arranged marriage, it doesn't occur as much in this Modern society. 
  Or so people think.
  In reality, it would shock you how high the numbers are.
  It also, just so happened to occur between two complete strangers.
  A famous soon to be CEO and a girl with no say in her life.
  It was inevitable something would happen between them.
  After all...
  They had been promised to each other, for life.
  Warning: This Book Contains Mature Content.
  "This was amazing! I'm not even kidding, you've already got me hooked."  - @BieberFever206
  "Literally the best story I've read, keep up the good work." - @nou566



Started: June 30th 
Ended: September 10th

© Copyright 2016

Kaduu_ Kaduu_ Jan 13
Wow this is the first ever wattpad trailer which got me shook, this is so damn good 
                              And great song by the way :)
ajalloh123 ajalloh123 Jan 07
So they just smack her to make sure she ain't being disobedient? At least wait for her to do something!
bellagurlfashion10 bellagurlfashion10 Nov 12, 2016
Ok athour hears a little note: if u try to murder us in this story im going to die I love this book already but pls don't take us on a joy ride thank u 😀
bieberfever206 bieberfever206 Aug 12, 2016
This was amazing! I'm not even kidding, you've already got me hooked 😍
bellagurlfashion10 bellagurlfashion10 Nov 12, 2016
Omg I watch this trailer 5 times its so good really great job I love that u put the music videos in it 😍😀😀😌😌😃😃😄😄😏😏
_Biebersqueen1_ _Biebersqueen1_ Oct 16, 2016
My favorites is leave me lonely, sometimes, bad decisions, and moonlight!