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Rejected Mate & Regretful Alpha

Rejected Mate & Regretful Alpha

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Captain Baleine By VanillaIceCream646 Updated Jul 16, 2014

{Going through major edits. Read at your own risk} 

Scarlett Silvia Silver is unwanted and a social reject. Being the shy and quiet nerd her whole life, it's not really a wonder as to why she's always being bullied. Once her mate rejected her, she decided that enough was enough. Like most stories she runs away and finds another pack that accepts her for who she is. She meets someone else, her second chance mate, and moves on. Then her former pack is in need of help. She comes back with her mate and pack. She isn't that weak girl they knew anymore. And she doesn't come back to help, oh no. She is far from that. She comes back for revenge. But with war brewing and secrets being uncovered, will things go her way? Add someone from her past coming back to get her, this may be more complicated than she thought.

doritodolans doritodolans Sep 04, 2016
Why is there always a 'slut' in a story like damn stop judging people.
SerendipitousScarlet SerendipitousScarlet Oct 09, 2016
Beautiful... I tapped the little star as soon as I read this deep paragraph 👍🏻😊
My_Crew_is_Dope My_Crew_is_Dope Oct 17, 2016
I'm strong. 
                              I'm all about crying my eyes out with my girl. With other people in quiet and hide most things though
LoveYukina180 LoveYukina180 Sep 07, 2016
I don't get what people have against sluts. As long as the sex is safe and consensual, what's the problem?
strangedrunkpandas strangedrunkpandas Nov 12, 2016
Both only I don't bully sometimes I hide from others and other times I cry until I can't.
LoveYukina180 LoveYukina180 Sep 07, 2016
The problem with this is that if you have nobody who cares for you, then what's the point of showing your pain. You won't get any help, not even sympathy. When you are alone, sometimes the only thing you CAN do is hide...