Sword of Ericliff (BoyXBoy)

Sword of Ericliff (BoyXBoy)

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A new kingdom, Kingdom Ericliff, is slowly conquering over kingdoms; moving their way until they can find their sword. This being a mythical sword that is known as the 'Sword of Ericliff'. A sword that is supposedly Ericliff's property, despite the fact that they stole it from another kingdom years ago. Now, they are on the hunt for it and will stop at nothing until they find that sword. The sword is known to have magical powers, one that can conquer any being or beast alive. So, what would happen if it falls into the wrong hands?

Edward's newest task, after explaining to his brother that he is gay, is to find this sword to keep his family safe. Though, how is he supposed to do that while running over his kingdom? Can he achieve this task and can he have everything he wants in the end?

This is the SECOND book in this series, (first one is The Prince's Prince). Please note that they are both BxB stories and to read at your own caution.

I do not own any of the pictures or videos unless I claim otherwise.

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someoneonjupiter someoneonjupiter Dec 08, 2017
Gamers! is a  pretty good anime too, it's on YouTube and has about 12 20-minute long episodes. Black Butler and Ouran High School Host Club are actually two of my favorite animes, with the third being Attack On Titan
selreads selreads Jul 24, 2017
Damn that's so impressive man i would die in .03 seconds if I had to do that
RaeannWilson RaeannWilson Aug 20, 2017
omg you sure had a complicated time, thank you for keeping up with this story and good luck!!! (team Sub) (And I was also a little bit confused by the ending of Fruit Basket)
imsotiredahhh imsotiredahhh Oct 02, 2017
Oh I'm so sorry I hope they are both doing a lot better now!!💙💙
Gunnaboo Gunnaboo Jul 20, 2017
Dang who the freak did you do all that you must be a god or something sheesh I'd go insane