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~ 3 years ago ~ 

Selena's POV 

"OH FORGET IT JUSTIN" i yell as i grab my suitcase putting it on our bed as i start packing hearing him enter the room.

"NO NO SELENA TELL ME TELL ME WHAT A JERK I AM HUH" he shouts obviously angry. 

"FUCK OFF" i yell back as i put my clothes in the suitcase than suddenly feeling him grab my arm and turn me towards his angry face.

"DONT YOU DARE LEAVE ME SELENA" he yells holding arm a little to tight. i tried breakin free but he was obviously stronger. 

"FUCK OFF JUSTIN IM LEAVING WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" i yell slapping him with my free hand seeing his face turn to the left as his cheek got red. 

"Sel please dont leave" he begged a little calmer as he looks back at me with those brown eyes which were now not full of anger.

"just let me go!" i shout and finally i manage to rip my hand out of the grip as i back away and continue packing with tears in my eyes. 

"sel ... im so sorry baby" he said as i looked at him in the corner of my eye seeing h...

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MTB-jelena MTB-jelena Jun 28, 2017
Hahaha I was listening to live like there's no tomorrow from her old album and at that exact moment she said " nothing is impossible "